Tax Preparation – Small Business

Do You Want Help with Your Small Business Tax Return?

S-Corporations (Form 1120-S) & Partnerships (Form 1065)

For small businesses with the S-Corp election, or partnerships, tax preparation and planning can be done as a stand alone service or a full small-business bundle that includes personal tax preparation and Schedule K-1 preparation. MD Tax Pros have been preparing S-Corp and Partnership returns since 2005.

Schedule C, 1099-NEC (or 1099-MISC)

The Schedule C service provides tax planning and preparation for Single Member LLC’s and Sole-Proprietorships. Schedule C tax preparation will always be bundled with individual tax preparation.

Many individuals also work contract positions. Individuals involved in the sharing economies (Uber/Lyft) are also paid with 1099-NEC forms. MD Tax Pros will help you navigate the expense tracking and plan for estimated taxes and self-employment taxes – all in the effort to reduce your tax liability.

A tax professional can help you:

  • Determine the most beneficial entity structure for your business
  • Identify the deductions your business is entitled to 
  • Strategize expenditures to give you a more favorable tax outcome